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Dragon City Review

Hello everyone .as I started playing dragon city again I started I couldn’t,help but make some comparisons and,contrasts between the two games dragon mania legends and Dragon City .so this is,gonna be a quick video just doing some,simple compare and contrast .and maybe,won’t cover all of them in this video.but I figured just be a fun thing to do.

Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon media,legends has beautiful dragons the art,style is so aesthetically pleasing but I,find that every dragon that comes along,has to fit within a certain body type,you have these ones that have the canine,type these ones look like there are a,sea monster or a Loch Ness monster type,this one looks like a the wing type with,the legs and the hind legs and forearms,and stuff then we have the stout type we,have the thick body type,the serpentine type the Pasi cephalus,Oris type the plant-eaters stout leg,type in the wyvern type and most of,these drags I’m sure there’s like one,more but most of these dragons fit into,the same thing some of their necks are,longer than others and they look unique,enough on their exterior but they each,there a limited that each of them have,to fit into one of these types a lot,more limiting because if you want to,make a peacock dragon you have to choose,one of those body types to put the skin,on so it can fit that for example this,this looks better because it’s a snake,and it looks more intimidating as a,snake so it would have been better to,put the nightmare dragon on this model,this one is a blue flame dragon and okay,it doesn’t really make sense of putting,on something else it looks like a flame,and want to let make it look like a,comment or ethereal so you put it on the,serpentine body type and basically all,the skins are just slapped on there now,it’s really really cute and I don’t mind,as much within the game but when the,dragons are already limited in terms of,the uniqueness their body types look the,same,across the board as you go on in the,game and collect more and more dragons,you start to notice that and maybe it’s,not even that noticeable per se,but it becomes pretty noticeable when,you you get the same dragons over and,over and over again so it’s it’s,something that I realized that,struggling with it have to come with the,creativity of working with the body,types and trying to make them look as,unique as possible which I will give,dragon buddy legends it does have very,fancy defines and some of the dragons,here look very very beautiful so they,make the best of it the best use of it,as far as they can so and they have,gotten better also with some of the art,styles some of them however don’t make,sense like for example the other dragon,that has this body type is a hellhound,and I don’t know why this dragon would,be the hellhound it seems better than a,hellhound would be on a body type like,this but anyways that’s one thing I will,say that Dragon mania legends uses in,the battle against dragon city .Get Free Dragon City Gems by online generator.

Dragon city endless possibilities

dragon city endless possibilities to,choose from and they don’t just follow a,single model .it’s it’s as if they draw,the Dragons from scratch and each dragon,has its own body .look at this runner,dragon that I just got beautifully poison is and you can,tell it that the design it’s couple ears,complete creative freedom .because you,don’t have to live within the confines,or draw or create your dragon within the,confines of a body type or a set can make it completely from scratch.and this one it looks completely,different .it’s one of the older models,but it looks completely different .every,dragon was made with its own body .and I,think that that is just something that,makes Dragon City so unique .you can,always find a dragon and it looks,completely different from all the others.just astounding oh you could tell this,is one of the old ones. but,beautiful .beautiful all of these dragons,that’s one thing I love,about Dragon City .there’s always a,different dragon you can count on it and.they put out dragons very quickly. I,think because their initial a dragon,veil had come out first. so their initial,dragon coat the competitor was dragon,veil and they put out it almost seems,like they put up five dragons add a day.dragon veil is one of the other dragon,games I love because they put out so,much the only thing I like better about,dragons in that game is that you can,fight in this one .but yeah they even,recalled and what I do what I like that,they do is they go back over the game,and they find their old models like the,mascot models the primary dragons that,had the single elements .they’ll go back,and they’ll completely rehaul the,dragons you can see if this has been,updated considerably .it no longer looks,stupid. I’m not gonna say stupid but it,doesn’t look so much like a cartoon and,I realize that they’re trying to do more,of a 3d model illusion .which is nice I,like that they’re trying to do that and,it still has an era where it’s,attractive .it’s cartoony and pleasing to,the eyes .but it’s not as stark as it as,it once was .so they’ve updated and,they’ve grown with the game which I love,they’re not just adding random stuff to,it they’re growing with the game and I,love that about it this is what you call,a Thanksgiving turkey dragon .,for the shop and trying to buy certain,dragons I mean a lot of the dragon scene,a lot harder to obtain here. .Get Free Dragon City Gems by online dragon city hack . and this gem,sales that they usually have are not,really that generous .we do have 40% off,right now with the best deal and then,you have this one that was 19.99 and is,now $13.99 and was 3.99 it’s now 2.99 .so you can see it for the most,part and I’ve seen even when they’ve had,sales before but Dragon city seems to be,a little bit more generous in terms of,their dragons being offered up for sale,and their gems when they go on sale,that’s just my observation .

Dragon city special events

so one thing,I really do like about Dragon mania,legends a little bit more than dragon,City is when they do have those special,events. where you have these maps similar,to dragon city or you have to go from,one point to another .I love the fact,that in the last event where they allow,you to have some semblance of a,storyline .because after you pass a,storyline of the campaign .there’s really,nothing else left for you to do .so I,love it when they make a little story,within that area .because the battle,sequences have become a bit boring to me and I like the fact that you can use,your friends dragons that’s a really,awesome thing. but a spur for example the,if you go to the map and you go all the,way down you know just to the smallest,area right here and these are easy you,try to attack. you battle and I like,their battle style .I like that you can,use three drag news at one time that’s,actually really really cool .and I like,that this has buffers .I love buffers,monster legends has buffers which is,another one of social points games and,that’s really amazing because people,were used to RPG like buffers .but I,don’t like that every legendary element,looks exactly the same and every dark,element looks exactly the same .yeah and,all the elements have just one move just one .if there’s nothing different they,all do exactly the same thing arrows,shooting down is metal a vine coming up,on the ground is plant it’s it’s it’s so,boring after a while .so battling is just,some useless grind that you just do just,to get somewhere,and the storyline helps with it but when,you’re done the storyline you’re going,to hear my ROI boat or doing something,else .you want to see each of your,dragons there has to be a reason why,each your dragons look cool after a,while. just beat it just looks like,you’re just wearing a skin .you like you,have a different vinyl for your,controller .but it’s still the same,controller and you get to realize it,after a while like .oh I got this dragon,and it’s cool its stats are a little bit,better than the other .one but the moves,look all the same you know for me I like,variety .I don’t maybe many people don’t,mind.I love variety. so that kind of stuff,drives me crazy and I have to make,stories and stuff in the background to,keep my interest in the gate .which is,why I started making RPGs and those,story things that I’ve been doing. I know,some of what dragon city has was based,off of dragon meeting legends which is,which is fine. but I feel like they do it,a little bit better. the only thing I’ll,say that Dragon mania has over dragon,City is the last event that they did,when the characters had a little story,they were doing with the haunted house.that’s the only one that would make it,top dragon city .but I kind of liked,dragon cities better .um I do like that,Dragon mania has a layout of their,events that they may have a layout where,it’s 3d so you’re actually walking,through a house I love that. but I also,find that dragon si does there’s a lot,more frequently you hardly see those a,dragon mania legends which is very,infuriating because those are the those,are my favorite ones.

Dragon city hack tool

Dragon city dragons are very different

so as for the badly,you can see right off the bat that dragons are very different first of all,and yes they each have moves water that,looked the same whirlpool flooding giant,mouth and different dragons will have,different moves .which is cool and,they’ll have different moves based on,their elements as well but you can also,which I love about dragon legends you,can also enchant the moves of the that they can be a little stronger.what I did wish or what I do still wish,that dragon City sorry,will add in is what they do with monster,legends where each dragon has their own,attack. just like monster legends you’ll,have monsters that have and you look,here you see the animation for the,Whirlpool.but you know Godzilla has his own thing.but yeah I wish they would have a,special unique attack for each of the,dragons .just like they do with monster,legends. I think that would be so for example these dragons are,fighting blah blah blah you have the,same generic moves that they use across,the board .but then God’s Killa or the,Robin Hood dragon will have a specific,dragon a specific move specific for him alone .know where the dragon has this the,Robin Hood dragon will have a move like,stealing or the speed sonic dragon will,have a move like teleport because she,runs .so fast that for that time period,you can’t see her on the battlefield and,that will be her special move or her,ability to burn or something I think,that that would be so amazing if they,added that in .I mean that’s one of the,only reasons I went back over to monster,legends but I find that Dragons these a,little airier and more forgiving monster,legend seems to be overkill with how,difficult it is with a stupid temple,stuff.this one is more I like this one better.

so as you can see here she has her own,move she she kicks like a raptor or a,kangaroo.the older dragons don’t really do much,they just move their heads .but you can,see that as the animations get better,and as they put a new dragons each,dragon has a specific animation that,they do and it’s not just based on their,body type because as I said before they,all have different body types .see the,dandelion track was one of the older,dragons that came out with a game .so it,doesn’t really have that much of an,animation .but the newer woods do have,animations .and I like that .so each,dragon is it’s different you’re getting,something completely new. which I love .Grab Free Dragon City Gems & gold by online generator.

these dragons when they go into battle,especially the newer models or the newer,dragons that have come out for Dragon,City. when they go into battle they,utilize some of their moves actually,there’s some of them that have signature,moves it will be under the generic moves,like flamethrower or itself that most of,the dragons have.,that I really love about dragon City,that that it’s kind of limited on Dragon,mania legends.

like about dragon mania legends

,I like that dragon mania legends has,legs and dragon city also has them where,you could put your dragons up but they,do fight without you doing anything the,leagues in Dragon city are more hands-on,where you have to go around you to,people who are kind of the same level as,you and I feel in my opinion maybe I’m,wrong but this is just for my experience,that the dragons or the people that they,set you up with their dragons are,similar to your dragons they won’t,mismatch you like they do with the,enchantment League on Dragon mania,legends where you have a chance that,you’re gonna run into someone who’s way,a high level of you for the league’s,they’re like okay we’re gonna put you,with someone .so that you have a fair,chance against them. which is see that’s one of the animation,things I was talking about where the,Dragons each have signature animations,that they do while in battle which I,love .it’s really really cool .um we’re,gonna do a flying kick and even though,the dragon doesn’t fly kick it still,does a signature move for that laser for,that for that specific dragon let’s see,what his is he’s not that old oh there,he goes he spits out metal shards so we,have the soccer dragon that has his,signature move which is to kick the,soccer ball ooh,so we’re gonna see him kick the soccer,ball and that’s hot so I get me wrong,each of the games have their little,whimsical parts about them I love the,storyline for dragon Mania legends and I,hope that with all the events they’re,coming out that they will put back some,element of the storyline even if they,have different events and they don’t,have ones where that arm at base and,they have dragons and light there be,some form of story element and they’re,somewhat because there’s not enough,events to keep us that busy the breeding,has become more difficult and it’s just,I don’t know I’m it’s it’s lost its,luster for me

Different dragons ,Different Moves

the only thing I like is a,different dragons and trying to figure,out what their elements mean which is,why I do the element theory but yeah I,like the art the artistic style of,Dragon mania legend it’s very pleasing,very Nintendo West LittleBigPlanet II,and that’s one of the reasons I loved it,because of the art style however I do,feel that they could be a little bit,more limber with body types you know,because there’s a whole bunch of,different types of dragons that are out,there and let’s be honest the majority,of these dragons actually look more like,dinosaurs and they look like dragons,dragon city I love dragon city for the,fact that they put out a plethora of,different dragons seemingly almost every,day and they don’t just make one dragon,available for the month that was,available last year they’re always,always putting out these dragons new,ones as well as ones that you’ve missed,so people are so inundated with all the,new stuff that they don’t have time to,miss the old stuff,but if the old stuff does come along,they’re like oh cool I can get that,again so it’s really really nice I mean,you have so many dragons out there seven,hundred and forty dragons you can get in,the game right now there’s only 421,dragons that you can get in tracking,with you legends at least the ones that,are posted in the game right now and to,be honest the community even though is a,lovely community is tired of seeing the,same dragons over and over and over,again I think different events should be,given to make them available and not,just for the VIP people I mean I used to,be VIP and I’m like oh cool but it,wasn’t really you know with what yes,okay gather as much gold blah blah blah,this has become a little bit lazy

Dragon city feed dragons

so ok,participate the feed dragons thing and,you get a chance to win but I feel like,there’s more that could be done with,those dragons with making those dragons,available instead of just these random,events that are also very repetitive and,monotonous so you know just after a,while they were cute in the beginning,but now that we’re advancing and there’s,more games coming out that are becoming,competitors to the dragon breeding,franchise I think that it would behoove,cable off to do something a little bit,differently that is what has attracted,me back to Dragon City because I see,that they have been doing that they’re,completely overhauling the game they,have overhaul the game in many ways,there are kind of three dealing it up,now I guess to be in competition with,some of the newer games that are coming,out which is amazing and they they’re,getting with the times and that’s,awesome I love that I love their events,there’s no storyline to it but it’s,engaging enough and it’s there for a,while it’s not no one day in 24 hours,they give you enough time so that you,can really work through this event and,they give you enough dragons to work,with so you’re never bored you always,have new dragons to get all the dragons,look so beautiful so if that’s just my,bike compare and contrast I’m sure there,are a lot of other things that I could,point out but those are just the ones,off the top of my head that I can think,of that

I love been playing dragon city

I love I’ve been playing dragon,city I mean there’s a video I put up,there it’s a first video dragon see it,was on the internet I was the first one,that made a video about it and I,remember how much I was so in love with,the game because,it’s something that I had way to create,in the future a game with dragons that,look like anything in the world they can,breed and have on the dragon so what I,saw that somebody created a game like,that I was like oh my god my dream came,true it’s almost as if what was in my,head came to life through somebody else,and I was so happy and that’s why I,started making videos off of it and,that’s actually how I became big on,YouTube because the whole community also,liked dragons and everyone else liked,this game too so we’re all playing,together and that’s how I meant trixin,and Benjamin if you guys are still,watching but yeah I really like that,they are still taking pride in the game,and trying to make it better especially,for the new people coming on in so yeah,guys that’s it and I’ll see you in the,next video thank you so much for,watching I really do this because I,enjoy doing it it’s so fun I love,dragons and Thank You Dragon City for,you know for becoming great again and,Thank You Dragon many legends for,helping to create such a wonderful,breathtakingly inviting community the,dragon media legends community is one of,the nicest communities I’ve ever had the,privilege to be a part of they’re also,very intact with their and active in the,community with their players they really,seem to engage I don’t know so much if,they really listen to people but they do,engage a lot and they’re always holding,contests and stuff on Facebook and and,and talking to people I think that they,would do a little bit better if they,listened to the community as a whole.Try our dragon city gems hack tool.It is 100% working tool and you can earn unlimited amount of gems and gold in dragon city game.its free guys.. because they make themselves available,but at the same time it’s almost like,they’re listening but they’re not,listening it’s really weird it’s like,yeah I hear you I hear you I’m hear you,it’s that’s awesome but then you walk,away and forget everything the person,just told you and I’m not saying this,for every single thing that they’ve done,I mean they’ve done a lot and they have,listened to a lot of things the,community has asked them for but then,they’ve also come back and a lot of,other things that the communities like,we didn’t ask for that we were fine with,that and,we wanted this and you didn’t and I know,you can’t please everyone but yeah it’s,just based on my observation but it’s,still a pretty good game but I think it,could be a lot better and seeing the,other games coming up in the future and,what they’re doing at some point dragon,mania legends is gonna have to keep up,from what I can see but that’s just,that’s just my opinion,all right guys okay I’m really leaving,this time see you later.How to Get Free Dragon City Gems. simply log in to our online generator.Simple

Dragon city into battle

for Dragon City when they go into battle they,utilize some of their moves actually,there’s some of them that have signature,moves it will be under the generic moves,like flamethrower or itself that most of,the dragons have but you will see that,as they’re battling for example uh there,we go for my ace dragon the 8th dragon,has a move when she goes in battle I,don’t know if she’ll do it here let me,see,nope but in battle the 8th dragon has a,thing where she’ll actually take her,cards and do the same thing gambit does,and just flick her cards and her,opponent and slice them up with the,cards it’s so cool so that’s something,that I really love about dragon City,that that it’s kind of limited on Dragon,mania legends this is the extent of the,animations that these dragons will do,let’s do another one but they only do,these animations based on their body,type some of them will be feisty like if,you try to pet them too much they’ll get,upset but that’s it but there’s really,nothing else that’s that’s just it and,they all do the same thing if they have,the same body type so all these guys,they all do the same thing they all fly,the same way their bodies wiggle the,same way and that’s basically it,I like that dragon meeting legends has,legs and dragon city also has them where,you could put your dragons up but they,do fight without you doing anything the,leagues in Dragon city are more hands-on,where you have to go around you to,people who are kind of the same level as,you and I feel in my opinion maybe I’m,wrong but this is just for my experience,that the dragons or the people that they,set you up with their dragons are,similar to your dragons they won’t,mismatch you like they do with the,enchantment League on Dragon mania,legends where you have a chance that,you’re gonna run into someone who’s way,a high level of you for the league’s,they’re like okay we’re gonna put you,with someone so that you have a fair,chance against them which is cool,Finally you need to try our dragon city gems hack tool.It is working tool and you can earn unlimited amount of gems and gold in dragon city game.