Treating Alopecia With Acupuncture

Treating Alopecia

What is alopecia ?

When it comes to hair loss, you may feel that you have tried everything. You might have experience trying different lotions and treatments. There are many alternative treatments for conditions like alopecia.
One that is gaining in popularity and has been affective for many people is acupuncture.
It has been discovered that there is a gene that is responsible for alopecia. now lets talk about Treating Alopecia With Acupuncture in detail.

Unfortunately, few people know that . So lots of people are still suffering. More and more people are feeling the affects of this condition and it doesn’t matter what sex the sufferer is.
The number of products and the amount of money spent each year continues to rise. But sadly most of the products don’t make any significant change. That’s why many people are turning back to ancient Eastern medical practices

What is acupuncture ?

One of physical treatment is called acupuncture ,used for alopecia treatments. Research has found that the cause of alopecia is related to DHT, which is what is causing the shortened lifespan of hair due to shrunken follicles and inhibited hair growth.
It is assumed that prostaglandins may be the culprit, but that is just a theory at this point.
As for how acupuncture helps alopecia sufferers, it is quite similar to how it is used for other conditions

Hair loss has connections to many parts of the human body. Two of these are the health of the internal organs and blood.
Unlike some other types of acupuncture, the affects can be more successful . By using internal and topical herbal treatments as a part of the acupuncture treatment plan be good . One acupuncture technique widely used to treat this condition is micro-current stimulation near the scalp. The pins placed on the best area to help to flow blood and other valuable nutrients to scalp that give huge support to new hair growth . These treatments take a little bit of time like most acupuncture treatments.
It may take between six and nine months of treatment to start getting positive results, although signs of improvement should start appearing early on in the treatment.

How acupuncture works ?

That said, the six to nine month expected treatment is generally for those that have just discovered their hair loss.
If you have been losing hair for a longer period of time, you should expect treatments to last longer.
Your qualified acupuncturist should create a personal plan and treatment for your specific needs instead of one that is a “one size fits all” treatment. Every alopecia patient has different needs and then need to do specific treatments for each one.Nowadays eastern medicine has some myth about unsafe or quite good to be true. Many of the naysayers are proponents of western treatments that prove year after year that they are ineffective, but able to sell like there’s no tomorrow. If you get idea of this you need to go to a proper acupuncturist to treat your alopecia and to cure alopecia

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